Business Objectives


  • ​Consumer Loyalty
  • Customer Feedback/Sentiment
  • Channel Improvement/Market Share Growth
  • Employee Motivation and Retention
  • Corporate Culture and Collaboration
  • Contact Center Effectiveness

Who We Are


​Our consultants here at P3 Advisors come from an impressive range of backgrounds and education. Diversity lets us find the best solution for making your people strategies successful. We also have access to a variety of disciplines and resources focused on consumer loyalty, channel improvement and employee engagement, ensuring that your growth strategies consider all angles. Experience includes hotels, airlines, financial services, transportation, consumer products, professional services, manufacturing and more.

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P3? Purpose, People, Profit

All 3 tie together....Purpose comes to life through people aligned to clear and meaningful corporate objectives.  Aligned objectives executed well deliver exceptional profits.  Top performing companies realize the importance of purpose and people and they continuously improve their people strategies to ensure optimal success.  Today, actionable insights, effective communication, resources/tools to manage initiatives, measurements and continuous improvement are required to keep good companies performing well. P# can help from start to finish.


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